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Personal Information

First Name//



Ballz in high school

Hair Color//
Dark brown

Hair Style//
Just got it cut; just touches my shoulders/choppy/layered/bangs

Eye Color//
Hazel green

What is your favorite

Grays/deep purples, blues, reds/black

I literally just tried to play an mmorpg today; Aura Kingdom. Every time I try to play one, I A: suck at it, and B: Don’t like them in general. I’ll stick to my Zelda, Mario, Sudoku, Freecell, and Solitaire. Oh, and Plants vs Zombies, Zuma, Peggle, and Castle Crashers.

Literally have no idea how many favorite songs I’ve got. Right now I’m listening to “Rosetta Stoned” by –yup- [TOOL]

Music Video//
I watch a lot of live stuff on youtube.

Orcas and my recently realized love of birds, especially cockatiels. I miss mine. It flew away when my friend wanted to see if she’d stay on her shoulder if she took her out front.

My boyfriend is getting me to have an interest in hockey. He’s trying with baseball, but he’s definitely not getting me anywhere with that one.

I don’t know because I’ve only been stuck in this one. I’d like to visit Germany, Italy, Greece, Scotland, England, and Ireland.

I’ve got a few I can think of, in no specific order: Fear & Loathing, Dances with Wolves, Life as a House… A bunch of Stephen King crap, a bunch of Tim Burton crap…

Almost all food I’ve ever eaten. I love food. Not meatloaf, though. Or straight olives. Fuck, I’m hungry.


Heidi. She was my mom’s best friend from the time she was in her early 20s. Since my mom died a few years ago, Heid & I have developed this super awesome and weird friendship like no other friendship I’ve ever experienced or witnessed.

Look, I really don’t have very many friends, so my list is pretty limited. Heidi makes me laugh until I cry, drunk or sober. We kill each other. She’s the only person I know who does that to me – and vise-versa. Also, my brother. He’s got my mom’s wit and sharp tongue. I think he’s a sensing type and he’s very logical, so he’s able to make quick comebacks and jokes on the fly.

I’ve got this friend, Gary, who has convinced me he has had a tremendously interesting life. He is 60 years old and met him at work over 7 years ago. And that is all I can say about that.

I know a lot of sweet acquaintances., but people I deem “friends” fulfill a very unique/high (whatever you wanna’ call it) standards. I don’t think I can say any of my friends I would consider “sweet”.

I’d have to say Alisha. We met in 8th grade after I had moved for the umpteenth time and started a new school. I was sitting alone on the bleachers with a shitton of other kids and she offered for me to sit next to her, which I politely and timidly declined. She then proceeded to climb her way down a few bleachers to sit next to me instead. She made me like her. We’ve been best friends, inseparable, until recent years when we just started having different views and desires regarding life. We drifted apart big time and now I rent a room at her mom’s house and watched her move into her own house a few months ago.

Most annoying//
Well – her.

My boyfriend. Oops, did I say that? …It’s just that he’s an ISTJ (Yeah, tell me how the fuck that’s working. I’m an INTP) and he’s not very open to new experiences, which drives me insane sometimes.

I don’t hang with stupids.

Most Intelligent//
All my friends are very smart in their own ways.

I suppose my boyfriend. Not on purpose or anything. He works freight overnight at a hardware store.


Why, yes, I’ve got one of those.

Are you in love right now//
Love works on so many different levers. I’d say I’m in love with him on many of those levels, but probably not all.

Do you have a crush//
Only infatuations with hot celebrities, I suppose.

Do you have a stalker//
If I do, they’re very good at stalking me because I would never know.

Do you miss someone right now//
Besides the constant, low-lying heartache of my mom missing since I was eighteen, I miss my brother who moved to Florida for school in January. Also, my boyfriend weighs heavy on my mind during the week when we don’t see each other.

What do you do

At school//
Wonder why I bother taking one class a semester and go around telling people I’ll be a clinical Psychologist one day. I’m definitely not all about school. I wholeheartedly disagree with it all.

At home//
Shit like this instead of being productive then feel slight lingering guilt over it all the time. For example, shit I could be doing right now: practicing my Copic markering skills, go through medical bills from when I needed surgery when my own cat bit me two years ago, putting a load of overflowing wash in, rewriting notes I jotted down for my new job I started a week ago… the list goes on.

I should be taking my two mile walk like I haven’t done in weeks now. Shit, I suck.

When you first wake up//
Write down whatever dreams I remember in order to continually inhance my growing lucid dreaming skills.

What _____do you hate

As I’ve mentioned above somewhere, straight olives and meatloaf. And even those, I can tolerate if need be.

Orange kind of puts me off for some reason, unless it’s a dark or a burnt kind of orange.

Hair color//
Not very big into blondes. I also have mixed feelings about non-naturally colored hair. Throughout middle/high school, I’ve had pretty much every color of the rainbow in my hair. Then I either grew up or realized that I don’t have to outwardly look weird for people to see that I am weird. So, yeah, I don’t really dig the adults who never grew out of doing that shit.

Tv show//
I generally dislike TV all around. I don’t ever watch cable. I have a select few shows I watch (South Park, Daria, and Big Bang Theory), so those shows plus anything educational I get off the computer.

Clothing style//
When I was about eleven or twelve, I lived in some bum hick town in the nowhere land of the Poconos. I was at the mall one day and completely gawked at some total Goth dude walk by me. I saw him walk by in slow motion, like a movie, and it was that second I realized which style suited me. I couldn’t understand why it was so attractive to me; it just was. So – I stuck with it and learned about some cool sub-cultures and pretty neat music. By the time I graduated high school and my mom died I was eighteen and needed to make some serious decisions an eighteen year mold kid should never have to make. I bucked the fuck up and became an adult real quick and realized clothing styles meant shit now. I had other stuff on my mind… now I’m 25 and I’m just starting to get my shit together in life again and I’m realizing (as I did with piercings/tattoos/hairstyles) that I don’t need to look how I feel on the inside. Whatever’s inside of me people will understand after talking to me for five minutes. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. So now I dress – I don’t know – however the hell I want to dress. I can find something I like in any clothes store. “Casual” maybe is the right word for my dress… so, bottom line being, I guess: I don’t like when people take their clothing styles too seriously. They really don’t matter a whole lot. To me, any kind of extreme or stereotypical clothing style just says that you’re immature and/or a little too full of yourself.

I’m not really a movie kind of person. It takes a lot for me to really like a movie. Everything else I really don’t care for. I won’t put enough energy in it to say I actually “hate” a movie.

Emotions Right Now

Are You Happy Right Now//
Right this second, yes. I saw my boyfriend today, earned some money at work where I was able to complete thoughtless work while I daydreamed, I ate some good food. Life is good today. Overall, I’m beginning to get my shit together and pick my life back up, finally, so being stress free really helps my mood.

Right now, not that I can feel, if you disregard the sadness that’s always just kind of been there.

I’m really not a grumpy person, happy to say – even in the mornings.

Annoyed that my nails are too long and keep fucking up what I’m trying to type.

It takes a lot for me to get angry. I’m so easy-going it’s probably bad for me… When people don’t take me seriously when I’m trying to be serious makes me angry. People being close-minded towards new things makes me angry. Nothing is currently making me angry, though.

Thankfully I haven’t been naturally sick in a very long time. Last time I yacked was only because I drank too much.

Ehh, when I think of people I miss, I guess, for one (my brother in another state, my boyfriend who’s at work right now and won’t see until next weekend, and my mom who I haven’t seen or heard since I watched her take her last breath in her bed 7 years ago). Another thing is when I think about how I honestly don’t think I fit in anywhere, which I know isn’t a bad thing, but it’s really nice to have someone who just plain understands you; comforting/relieving. I don’t have that, no matter how close I can be to someone, I always feel lonely on some deep level. Right now, and usually, there’s this normal lonely feeling.

I’m hardly ever bored. My head is always churning. It was boring when I had that awful office job where I sat on my ass all day and answered phone and small talk with resident families… ugh.

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